Larry Drake, born long ago in Waco, Texas, began his musical journey when he found a ˝ sized cello in pieces in a closet at his grandmother’s house and talked his parents into having it reassembled for his use. The music of the “Great Folk Revival” of the late ‘50s and ‘60s turned him into a folkie for life. At that point, a switch from cello to guitar seemed the thing to do. He’s been singing, playing, and writing songs ever since. Singing with The HardTackers brings back fond memories of his Aunt Patricia who loved to play and sing sea shanties on the piano. Belting out “Blow the Man Down” makes him feel young again.

In addition to his HardTacking activities, Larry is an accomplished songwriter, acoustic blues guitarist, and solo performer. When you hear those really high notes--up in the royals above the t'gallants--that's Larry.