Johnís interest in history, geography and the social history of Britain inevitably led him to a study of traditional folk music and storytelling. He found that the folk arts became a central thread that pulled all of these subjects together. John became interested in folk arts in the early 1970ís. He became a regular visitor to folk clubs in the area that he lived in North Worcestershire, England.

Starting to play guitar within a few months of discovering the folk scene, he went on to perform at open stages and various folk clubs, festivals, and other venues. He has run folk music clubs in Worcestershire, Devonshire, and Carmarthenshire. He has also been known to get a tune out of a penny whistle, English concertina and a banjo.

In 2001 John moved to the USA . He has an electrical engineering background and has worked in training for many years. He is a professional speaker and trainer who involves storytelling in his presentations.

He is past President of the Columbus Folk Music Society and a member of the Story Tellers Of Central Ohio. He also has written a book of short stories called British Twist.