You don’t have to rent the Royal Albert Hall or Yankee Stadium to sponsor a HardTackers concert!

We also do House Concerts.

Here’s how it works:

You invite twenty or thirty of your most intimate friends—well, OK, anybody you know who might be interested—to your house for a concert. Admission is free, but, (to keep the lawyers and accountants off all our backs) there is a fifteen dollar per person suggested donation. (You don’t have to evict someone who’s a couple of centimes or farthings short.)

Borrow some folding chairs if you need to, pick up the dog toys, and put the coffee tables in the garage—or move the cars to the street and set up your auditorium in the garage. You can provide snacks, wine, grog, whatever…or you can pot luck it, suggesting items for your guests to bring.

We will provide a couple of sets of thrilling shanty singing in an intimate setting for your guests, as well as a chance to meet and socialize with us. There may be added bonuses not usually seen in our regular concerts: e.g.

  • Sing-Alongs
  • Workshops
  • Storytelling, (some of us have been known to tell stories that stretch the envelope of credibilty of even the most gullible),
  • Some instrumental selections,(Concertina, Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo...)
  • Scintillating and soporific lectures on the mathematics of celestial navigation—(well, maybe not that.)

There will of course be an opportunity for your guests to purchase our CD’s, download cards, and merchandise. If you want to include a CD or download card in the “price of admission” donation, you can work it out with us so our costs are covered and the donation reflects the benefits of attending.

If you are within reasonable driving distance of Columbus, we will commute to your gig. If overnight stays are required, we are all old folkies familiar with “couch surfing” and open to visiting with new friends. Since there are six of us, you may want to farm us out to some of your guests. (You might want to let them in free.)

If your house is too small to host a throng of rowdy HardTacker fans, we can also work out a similar arrangement for other suitable venues. We have played yacht clubs, country clubs, canoe liveries, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, pubs, coffeehouses, church halls, schools, airports...No place is safe from us.

Even if you live far from Columbus and are interested in hosting us, contact us and let us know. From time to time, we take our show on the road, and we can conceivably divert our route to do house concerts between bigger gigs.

Hey, call or email us and let’s see what we can work out.