Adiós, Santa Maria

Just as the original ship Santa Maria was wrecked and abandoned by Columbus on a reef off the island of Hispaniola, so it seems that her replica and namesake has been broken up and abandoned by Columbus, the city named for the original’s captain. Despite valiant efforts by many dedicated people to save the ship, inadequate money and political power seem to have doomed her to the scrap heap. She was last seen on two flatbed trailers headed for “city storage”…i.e. the junkyard…

”The undiscovered country from whose bourn
No traveler returns.”

While we have not abandoned all hope, we are saddened and disappointed over the city’s failure to find a home and a place for this lovely ship.

Those who champion “cutting the fat out of the budget” have argued that in this digital age, anyone can find the same information and experience online. They have obviously never seen young people (of any age) for once look up from their two-inch screens and experience the reality of the Santa Maria.

Those questions don’t show up on a Wikipedia stub.

The HardTackerswould like to say a hearty “Thank You” to Linda Ketchum and all the others who worked so hard and so long on the Santa Maria. The very existence of The HardTackers is due to you.

Columbus is a much poorer place without the Santa Maria.