In Rennie's song "Pull Down Below", there is a reference to "Sailing to Buckaloo" and to "Bacallao". None of us had any idea where "Bacallao" was, so I got out the Googler and here's what I found:
In fourteen-hundred SEVENTY-two--twenty years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue--a Portuguese explorer named Joćo Vaz Corte-Real was given land in the Azores for discovering the Terra do Bacalhau, (now considered a phantom island) west of the Azores. The name derives from the Spanish name for salted dried codfish. In 1508, Gaspar Frutuoso noted its discovery in "Saudades da Terra". While Frutoso's work is considered perhaps more fanciful than factual, it seems that somebody found something out there. Perhaps they bumped into the coast of North America. There is an island off Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula that bears the name "Bacalao", but it was likely named later. The codfish connection would point to the Grand Banks which were once known for their schools of codfish. With the state of the art of navigation what it was in 1472, it was nearly impossible to record a discovery accurately enough to dependably find it again. In any case, "Sailing to Buckaloo" came to mean venturing and adventuring into the unknown.