Andy Beyer started playing uke at three, piano at five, and violin at eight. By 12, he had figured out how to play the guitar, and saved his paperboy money to purchase a new Sears Silvertone electric guitar.

While he was the manager at a coffeehouse, he met Hank Arbaugh and fell in love with the mountain dulcimer. He has been building, playing and teaching dulcimer for about forty years.

Andy holds a BS in Elementary Education and an Instructional Design degree in Secondary Education from Youngstown State University. He has two years Master's work in Instructional Design from OSU. He is a founding member of the Columbus Folk Music Society and is currently on the staff at the Central Ohio Folk Festival and The Southeast Ohio Dulcimer Festival. He was on staff at The CAP program, OSU, for 16 years. He is currently on staff at The Lifelong Learning and Leisure Program, where he has been for fourteen years.

Besides the dulcimer, Andy plays and teaches guitar, mandolin, and banjo privately.