The HardTackers

Rennie Beetham Andy Beyer John Blakelock Joe Cook
The HardTackers are a Sea Shanty Crew based in Columbus, Ohio. We sing songs about seas, lakes, rivers, canals--anything wet.

People sometimes ask, "Columbus, Ohio...what sea is that on?" We reply, "The wind may be from the prairie, but the music is from the water." We point out that Ohio has a long and proud tradition of water transportation, and is the only state whose State Flag is a burgee.

We were founded in 2009 as the official Shanty Crew of the Santa Maria, a full-size replica of Christopher Columbus' flagship that was docked on the Scioto River in downtown Columbus.

Since that time, we have performed before thousands of people in the U.S. and Canada at events ranging from intimate house concerts to major Tall Ships and music festivals. We have released three CD's of our music: Authentic Shanties in 2011, Don't Forget Your Old Shipmates in 2013, and a live concert at the Erie Maritime Museum in Erie, PA in September, 2014.